Our services

From technology to aerospace and defense to healthcare and others, we know the issues inside and out.

Public Affairs

Whether it’s consumer engagement or voter engagement, Red Fort knows how to move from message to action. Red Fort will utilize our unique understanding of what moves various Asian American ethnic groups to action. We build coalitions, identify grass tops influencers, and gain commitments to achieve the desired outcome.


We use our expertise to counter opposing forces and think ahead in developing our next move. We understand that to make things happen in Washington, D.C., you need the support of the relevant constituencies.

Government Relations

We know the issues inside and out.


We have decades of experience in government, and in business. We fundamentally understand today’s decision-makers and what drives them. Red Fort helps you develop and execute legislative and regulatory strategies to advance your goals in Washington at every level and in every branch and agency of government.


We direct engagement with the right policymakers, help you strengthen your relationships with policymakers and influencers, and mobilize support for, or opposition to, legislative initiatives that impact your interests.

Economic Development

Market Analytics – Attract New Business


Red Fort Strategies conducts market analytics, strategic planning, site selection, community assessments and organization building for governments seeking to attract new businesses. 


We help communities & economic development organizations; innovation intermediaries; colleges & universities; and businesses & industries achieve their market potential.

U.S – India Business Advisory Services

Connecting the U.S. and India


Red Fort’s expertise assists Indian companies seeking to do business in the U.S. where we work state and local Economic Development Authorities on incentives, location, state & local level lobbying. We also provide Indian companies with a Washington D.C. presence to assist with their Federal government interactions and public affairs issues.


Similarly Red Fort has years of experience doing business in India and assists U.S. Companies seeking to do business in India as well as Indian companies seeking to expand into the U.S. market. Whether a your organization is seeking market entry or a joint venture partner or more, Red Fort Strategies can help you succeed.

Research & Analytics

Data and Insight-driven Firm


We employ cutting-edge research methodologies, from digital analytics to quantitative and qualitative research, to help our clients understand where the intended audience is on an issue or product and, more importantly, how we can influence it. 


We use technology and experience to develop the most persuasive ways to express and deliver your position. Our research and analytics helps us identify receptive audiences and what influences them. Red Fort Research helps you to arrive at solutions.

Digital Strategy

Think through your organization’s vision


Red Fort Digital helps you think through your organization’s vision, challenges and opportunities to maximize the business benefits of digital initiatives to the organization.


Whether it’s mobile, web, wearable technologies, or augmented reality, we have the expertise to help our clients consider the broader opportunities and risks that digital potentially creates for your company. From innovation and governance to public facing efforts such as web sites, mobile, eCommerce, social, and advertising, we help you develop a winning digital strategy.

Diversity Consulting

Not all things to all people.


We have a specific focus on understanding the Asian American community and helping to bridge the gap between business, government, and the new face of America. Whether you are a major corporation, non-profit, or government agency, you cannot afford to ignore specific diversity and inclusion objectives that we understand.


We apply our expertise to consulting services for organizational management, conducting organizational assessments, designing strategic plans for inclusion, developing and implementing culturally appropriate training and seminars, assisting with supplier diversity, talent acquisition diversity, and affinity group consulting.

Strategic Positioning

Need strategic advice?


Looking for an expert who will manage a project or campaign from its inception to its conclusion? Either way, we have the experience and relationships to get the job done. We know that the world is growing smaller and moving faster. Each of us is more connected to one another than ever, which changes how we communicate, how we advocate, and how we organize.


We’ll help you identify objectives, develop key alliances, and position your organization to be in the right places at the right times in order to leverage opportunities and reach your goals. Working with you, we’ll tailor a strategy that is focused, accountable, and has the ability to grow to suit your needs. As real world events occur, we’ll hone that strategy and adjust to changing circumstances.